About Us

Angelo Farina is the creator of Sexy and Lean home fitness program; He is 35 years old and originally from Italy. He has had a life blog interest in sport and he would like to introduce himself to you, here is what he has to say. I have always had an interest in leading a healthy lifestyle. In Italy soccer is a very popular sport, and it was the sport of choice for me from a very young age. I started to play for a local team for roughly 10 years and developed a huge appreciation for the sport.
As I grew up I developed different sporting interest from volleyball to track and field to rowing. I started to understand the benefits of different types of exercise and recognised the positive impact they were having on my body as well as my mind. By the age of 15 I recognised the importance of regular exercise. I moved to Australia and got swamped with work and study, and despite continuing to maintain a healthy lifestyle I started to miss the variety of activities I had previously enjoyed. In 2008 I decided to stop longing for that variety and refresh my interest in health and fitness. I have developed a love for archery and indoor rock climbing as well as re-establishing my love of soccer.

After taking some time out from a regular and varied workout regime I realised that other people may need a helping hand to realise that other commitments such as work or study need not stand in the way of their fitness goals. I started to think about becoming a trainer as I wanted to enthuse people to start improving their health and to start making better lifestyle choices. The benefits of regular exercise are great to see in yourself, but it is my passion to see people work hard to achieve their goals and surprise themselves by changing their bodies for the better.

This is why Sexy and Lean Home Fitness was created, to help people who are absolute beginners and new to exercises, it was also created for the girls who finds gyms intimidating or don’t have enough time to go to and would prefer to workout from home, for this reason the workout are mainly bodyweight based as you need little-no equipment, My final goal would be to help 10 millions women around the world!